Friday, October 10, 2014

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Woah, How Many F-Bombs Were Dropped in Kingdom's Premiere?! The Cast ...
E! Online
The uncredited star of Kingdom? The F-bomb! DirecTV's highly anticipated
new series, starring Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria, Nick Jonas, Jonathan
Tucker and Frank Grillo, centers on the bloody and brutal world of MMA
fighting, where just as many curses ...

Did Blake Shelton Just Feel Up Adam Levine's Breasts? Watch These Crazy ...
E! Online
We need to make a confession: We don't watch The Voice just for the
competitors anymore. Nope, we're really here for one of the best bromances
on TV: the one between judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton! For seven
seasons now, we've watched these ...

Fallout continues for '7th Heaven' star Stephen Collins
The fallout continues for Stephen Collins, whom we all knew as the solid,
sweet minister dad on 7th Heaven. But that, of course, was just a TV role.
Fans are seeing him in a new light after TMZ obtained a sad and shocking
audio tape featuring Collins, 67, ...

Stephen Collins Scandal: Will 7th Heaven Ever Air Again? UP TV President
E! Online
After making the decision to pull all reruns of the classic hit TV show 7th
Heaven from its schedule, UP TV is debating whether or not the network will
ever air it again in light of star Stephen Collins allegedly confessing to
molesting young girls. The network ...

LAPD reviewing 2012 inquiry into Stephen Collins sex abuse claims
Los Angeles Times
Until this week, actor Stephen Collins was best known for playing the
wholesome, family-oriented Rev. Eric Camden on the long-running TV show
"7th Heaven." After recently overcoming health issues, the 67-year-old
Tarzana resident had returned to work, ...

'Survivor: San Juan del Sur': And the eliminated contestant is...
Entertainment Weekly
There was a huge blow-up after the immunity challenge in tonight's episode
of Survivor: San Juan del Sur. What happened and who went home as a result?
My full recap will be up later, but to find out and sound off on what
happened, read on for more.

AHS: Freak Show: Watch a Two-Headed Woman Sing Fiona Apple in This New ...
E! Online
Remember that time you were a grown man and your mother gave you a super
scary clown as a gift? Neither do we, but that's because we've never been a
character on American Horror Story. We also have mothers who love us and
know that clowns are ...

Paul Feig explains his vision for a female-led 'Ghostbusters'
Entertainment Weekly
On Wednesday afternoon, Paul Feig tweeted that he was indeed going to
direct a new Ghostbusters film, and it will, in his words, star
"hilarious women." Related. Paul Feig confirms he's on board for
'Ghostbusters' with 'hilarious women' · Would all-girls ...

Selena Gomez Surprises Cancer Patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
E! Online
Bravo, Selena Gomez! The 22-year-old singer and actress brought joy to
dozens of sick kids Wednesday afternoon when she paid a visit to Children's
Hospital Los Angeles. "Selena took the time to stop and visit with each
one, hear their stories, give hugs, ...

Faye Grant Did Not Extort Ex-Husband Stephen Collins, Says Lawyer
People Magazine
The battle between Stephen Collins and his ex-wife Faye Grant has turned
into a sordid he-said, she-said. After audio files of Collins allegedly
confessing to molesting underage girls were leaked to the media on Tuesday,
Collins's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan ...